Geological exploration


In the field of geology, our team of professionals provides services for management of geological explorations in all  phases, until certification of reserves and obtaining legal permits and approvals. Our team of professionals with competent and experienced  human resources will process and interpret geological data, geological modeling and calculation of mineral resources deposits, making projects, studies and analysis in hydrogeology, mining and engineering geology. For our services of  consulting and engineering in area of geological exploration we use the latest and most sophisticated technologies, recognized and approved methods, necessary equipment which follows the current trends.

In our services it is included:

  • project management in geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological explorations;
  • the reliability analysis of geological data and risks of  geological explorations;
  • making geological model of deposits with varying complexity and purpose;
  • making database of geological explorations;
  • interpretation of data and making analysis for geological and mining needs, and environmental protections needs;
  • evaluation of geological exploration projects;
  • different types of assessment, due diligence.