Mining engineering


Surface mines are generally open and highly dynamic systems under the influence of a large number of technical, economic, environmental and safety factors and constraints in all periods of the life cycle. The whole life cycle is defined through periods of surface mining, is implemented through a series of business processes in each of the periods that allow efficient, effective and reliable exploitation of mineral resources in the open pit. Our expert team is able in all periods of the life cycle of the open pit, their partners to provide quality support as a function of effective, efficient and reliable exploitation of  mineral resources. Support refers to the  project management on the implementation of particular mining activity, supervision of mining operations and construction of mining facilities, optimization of production and business processes, organizational development and organizational change, strategic analysis and strategic decision making.

Our focus is to:

  • management of mining projects in all its phases;
  • preparation of tender documents for procurement and service works;
  • supervision of mining operations and construction of mining facilities;
  • monitoring and optimization of functionality of mining facilities;
  • monitoring of slope stability and open pit landfills;
  • monitoring and optimization of drainage of open pits;
  • monitoring and optimization of reclamation and remediation;
  • monitoring and optimization of technological systems and production processes;
  • redesign of technological and production processes;
  • management of technological and production risks;
  • management of mining waste;
  • environmental management;
  • energy efficiency of technological systems and the open pit as a whole;
  • analysis and optimization of operating costs;
  • organizational design and redesign;
  • IT support of business processes;
  • operational and strategic analysis.