Mine design


Mining projects ensure sustainable exploitation through maximum utilization of mineral resources and minimizing expenses of exploitation with using highest ecological standards. Our team of experts has extensive experience and highest competences for making mining projects that consists optimized technological and technical solutions for sustainable mining. By applying modern software solutions for deposits modeling (geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical) and modern software solutions for system modeling and technology of exploitation, as well as application of the best world practice, we are able to give reliable, effective and efficient project solutions both in terms of performance of the mining operations on the field and on the point of the greatest economic value.

Our services are:

  • making mining projects with all levels of detail;
  • modeling geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical data;
  • modeling and optimization of technological and technical parameters of exploitation;
  • optimisation of system for drainage of open pits;
  • development and production planning;
  • equipment selection;
  • the reliability analysis of the equipment and technological systems;
  • analysis and evaluation of capital costs of the mine;
  • analysis and evaluation of operational costs of the mine;
  • analysis and risk assessment of the mine;
  • reclamation project and progressive reclamation of open pits;
  • management of mining project;
  • protection of the environment in all stages of mining;
  • energy efficiency technology systems or open pits in general;
  • preparation of tender documents.